Manage mailing lists. Click to view more screenshots Atomic Subscription Manager (SM) is capable of removing / adding the subscribers to your mailing list sending them proper notification emails automatically.

  • SM manages subscription or unsubscription by email subject.
  • Our Subscription Manager lets you monitor the InBox for particular subject line and automatically save/remove the sender's email address to/from a specified mailing lists generating notifications according to the schedule you defined.
  • SM supports an unlimited number of projects and mailing lists, as well as an unlimited number of e-mail addresses in each list. The number of rules for managing subscriptions is not limited either.
  • Atomic Subscription Manager doesn't care which email client you use.

Just create your project in Subscription Manager by choosing the mailing list and enter the rules for managing subscriptions/unsubscriptions to that list. That is all! The program needs to be set up only once in the beginning, then it will do all scheduled tasks automatically within the specified time intervals.


To process requests other than "subscribe" and "unsubscribe", e.g. "confirm", "help" or other ones, please use Atomic Email Autoresponder.


The Way Atomic Subscription Manager Works

SM keeps checking your mail box and after getting subscribing / unsubscribing request from your subscriber, sends him a message asking to confirm that request. If such confirmation is received, SM removes / adds the email address to your mailing list sending a proper notification to the subscriber.


Do not forget to remind your subscribers to set their anti-spam filters to allow mail from your email address or domain in order to avoid confirmation messages' blocking and Subscription Manager failure.

Atomic Subscription Manager is capable of turning your home or office computer into a powerful communication center. Most other subscription management applications and services "rent" you their solutions, barring you from accessing information about your own subscribers.