Atomic List Manager Screenshots

Evaluate Atomic List Manager User Interface and get to know more about its facilities by having familiarized with screenshots below:

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Sort mailing lists

By using this operation you can sort your mailing list by:

- email (in alphabetical order);
- 1st level domain name (email may have two domains);
- 2nd domain name;
- whole string (alphabetical sorting of the whole string);

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Split mailing lists

This function is used to split the list by:

- count (every new list will have the given number of emails);
- domain (only the same domains will be in every list);
- zone (like . com, .net, .org, .info etc.);
- 1st char of the email (all the emails in a new list shall begin with the same letter);
- size (splitting of the list into predefined number of files of given size).

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Generate new mailing list

This function is used to create new list of emails.

It adds the name you wish to the name of domain using the existing domains from the list (for domains lists have a look at Atomic Domain Catalogue).

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Filtering by patterns

This function can check the existence of unwanted strings (like mailto:, ?subject=) in the email list or conduct a search of emails from the list on the key word (like info@, *.edu, @gov etc.) entered manually by a user.

The results can be saved to 3 new lists (according to conditions of the key word/ pattern coincidence with elements of the list).

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Complex difference

This function deletes from the email list those emails that are found in other email lists. Thus the program creates new list of unique emails.

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Union several lists

You can unite two or more lists into one that will contain all the elements of the source lists.

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List Intersection

The function removes identical emails from selected lists and puts them into new one.

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Subtract lists

This function subtracts one list from another ( the strings are considered to be identical if contain the same emails). As a result you will obtain the list of unique emails of the first list.

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Repair email addresses

This function repairs domain syntax in case it is corrupted. The program verifies your list with the list of well known domains (like or etc.).

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Remove suspicious emails

This function is used to remove not needed, suspicious emails. You can enter your personal key words to determine suspicious emails.

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Remove duplicates

This function is used to remove repetitive emails (duplicates) in the given list. As a result duplicates will form separate list and original list will only have unique emails.

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Check zones

This function verifies correspondence of the 1st domain and zone in the selected list.

Repair zones

This function, in contrast to the previous one, also attempts to repair zone syntax