Atomic List Manager Features

Atomic List Manager has 19 functions for managing mailing lists. Virtually any action can be performed on a list of any size. Here's the list of the post popular functions:

  • Sorting
    Sorting mailing lists by various criteria. Sorting is done instantly even if the list has millions of entries
  • Removing duplicates
    Quick removal of duplicate emails in the mailing list. The result is a new list with unique addresses and a file with duplicates.
  • Splitting lists
    You can quickly split a long list into several smaller lists. The splitting criteria can be number of emails in new lists or file size. You also can split the list by additional parameters for example, create a list only with emails or or divide by countries. This way you can select certain emails from the list and improve response rate to your mailings.
  • Merging lists
    You can merge several lists into a new list with unique emails only.
  • Intersection of lists
    Action called "Intersection" looks up several lists and extracts only those emails that are found in all lists. So you can select only users that are found in several mailing lists.
  • Adding names to an email list
    You can add names to the mailing list if you have several lists with varying information. This is an important function because it makes mailings more personalized. Some researchers believe it makes newsletters more effective.
  • Extracting emails only
    With this function you can extract emails only from a list with additional information and get a clear emails-only list.
  • Removing bad and suspicious emails
    An important function for removal of suspicious emails from list generated by email extractors. These programs can extract invalid emails and Atomic List Manager can find and remove such emails.
  • Generation a new list from a template
    Automatic creation of long lists of typical addresses, like support@, info@. A lost of domains is added to a list of names and you have a new list with all possible email addresses
  • Repairing damaged emails
    Fixing email typos in the mailing list based on comparison with popular domain names. For example, the application will automatically change smith@gmail into
  • Checking domain names
    Comparing top-level domain names with the list of the existing domains in the list. This is to correct a lot of junk email addresses that could have been added by email extractors.
  • Filtering list by some fields or criteria
    A very powerful feature for splitting email lists into many smaller lists using a range of criteria. Great for lists with additional information when you want to choose only certain emails for targeted mailings.

Most actions are performed in seconds no matter how long the list is. The application is fully compatible with Atomic Mail Sender and other Atomic products.