Atomic SMS 3.0 - Free Bulk SMS Software to Send Bulk Text Messages from Internet

Atomic SMS 3.0 - sms marketing software to send bulk anonymous SMS messages using just your internet connection. Our bulk SMS software is working through Atomic SMS gateway to guarantee highest SMS delivery rates.

SMS messaging price is as low as price stated in Atomic SMS Sender service.

Main features of Atomic SMS 3.0:

  • Allows you to send both single and mass sms messages;
  • You are free to use any alphanumeric sender's ID or use a telephone number as a sender's ID (Special Offer, Notification, Your Boss, +156493028437);
  • Available reports with all the statistics on your bulk sms campaigns;
  • Atomic SMS Sender account balance checking;
  • Option to start bulk messaging software when you start Windows;
  • Our mass sms sender is portable - you are free to copy and distribute it to all computers you may want.

Advantages of Atomic SMS 3.0:

  • Bulk SMS Software's interface is very intuitive and easy-to-follow;
  • Easy to install and set up: all you need is your login info to Atomic SMS Sender service;
  • Easy to customize and run your mass sms campaigns;
  • Software is distributed as Freeware, you are charged only for sent SMS messages.

Bulk SMS Software Screenshots:

Bulk SMS Software Main Window Screenshot sms marketing software setup