Atomic SMS Sender Main Features

Atomic SMS Sender is an online application that allows bulk SMS text messaging from your computer to cell phones.

  • 700 mobile operators in 200 countries support
  • Sends text messages in any language
  • Unlimited message size - messages over 160 Latin symbols or 70 Unicode symbols are split into several parts
  • 3 free SMS to test our service
  • Quick send in 1 step
  • Mass text sending by groups
  • Scheduler that allows you to send the mailing immediately or at any time you specify
  • Text messages delivery reports

More Atomic SMS Sender Operating Features

  • You can send text message in GSM alphabet ( Latin, punctuation symbols etc.) or Unicode alphabet.
  • 1 SMS text message is limited to 160 GSM characters or 70 Unicode characters including space.
  • Long text messages must be broken into smaller parts, the character limit for each segment of a multi-part text message is lower than that of a single-part text message and will be 153 GSM or 67 Unicode characters. Such multi-part text message will be still shown to your recipient as a single message.
  • SMS Counter displaying information about the total length of your message is porvided in the service.
  • Sender ID ("SMS from" field) can be maximum 11 letters or 14 numbers in Unicode.
  • SMS message validity period is 24 to 48 hours. The Validity period defines the time the outgoing SMS message is trying to send to a cell phone which could be out of reach. If the message cannot be delivered after this period expires, the delivery is ceased.
  • SMS messages are typically delivered within a minute but can sometimes take a little longer.
  • The APIs implemented to support interfacing with your applications and online projects.